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Jon Klassen

March 30, 2009



More Lizania Cruz

March 30, 2009




Made for loyal customers of

Lizania Cruz

March 30, 2009

A discount/sewing kit sent to select Anthropologie customers as a birthday gift.



Some really nice work on her portfolio website.  In particular her gifts for organisations.
The ‘So…’ sewing kit was for who she also works for.

Her website:


March 29, 2009



Once completed, this note would obviously spell ‘hello’.  Visually these postcards are beautiful, but I am not sure of their importance.  I find myself asking why?  The very nature of a note is disposable once it has triggered the desired memory.

“Dot 2 Dot

A typographic experiment using dot to dots
to create typography.

Each of the postcards spell out well known
greetings from around the world, like ola, aloha,
hello, bonjour, guten tag and ciao. The idea is
that the reciever has to interact with the postcard”.

found at:
main site:

Puma – L.I.F.T

March 29, 2009

Megan Morton

March 29, 2009


For: Australian Travel and Leisure Magazine Christmas Gift Guide 2008
Styled – Megan Morton
Paper-sculpture – Benja Harney
Photogrphy – Sydney photographer Dieu Tan


Craig Ward – specific work

March 14, 2009



The making of ‘You Blow Me Away’

As one of my more ambitious pieces I thought I’d open with a behind the scenes look at how my recent collaboration with photographer Jason Tozer was created.

I conceived the piece towards the end of last year and set about looking for photographers who might be able to help me realise it. Jason appeared to be the go-to man for breaking things beautifully so I dropped him a line proposing we get together. We reasoned it could be a beautiful thing but, with no real reason to make it happen, decided to let it be for the meantime. Then, in January, I was approached by the organisers of The Art Mosh – a traveling exhibition in it’s second year who wanted me to create 10 new pieces for the end of March. Suddenly I had my reason…

We got the guys over at K2 to screen print my typography onto 20 sheets of 7mm glass. Jason put up the studio and lighting hire and we holed ourselves up in his Old St studio and broke glass for a few hours. I was delighted with the results. The images, whilst at once kinetic and exciting, are also studies in the boundaries of legibility as we managed to capture the glass at various stages of destruction.

I hope you like.





Craig Ward

March 14, 2009




available at:

Guinness glasses

March 13, 2009

“New Guinness glasses display exact number of alcohol units

LONDON – Diageo has scored an industry first by rolling out glassware for its Guinness brand which features unit information.

New Guinness glasses
New Guinness glasses

The new glassware is designed to help drinkers understand at a glance exactly how many units of alcohol they are drinking in their pint of Guinness (2.3 UK units). It is hoped that the new unit information will make it easier for people to stay within Government recommended guidelines on alcohol unit consumption. Starting this month Diageo will provide more than half a million glasses to pubs, bars and other retailers across Great Britain.

Guinness is celebrating the 250th anniversary of the signing of the original lease on St James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin by Arthur Guinness.

Diageo will be marking the anniversary with a programme of marketing activities throughout 2009. The Arthur Guinness signature has also been added to the glass as a tribute to the brand’s heritage other changes to the glassware include a new ‘250′ logo which is prominently featured on one side of the glass and ‘1759-2009′ alongside the traditional harp symbol imprinted on the other.

Diageo is also supporting the on-trade with the first in a new range of core POS that has been created for the 250th anniversary.”

Original text from:

Get switched on with Mr Switch

March 12, 2009

“‘Mr Switch’ is designed to add a little character to an otherwise inanimate object.

Currently looking for a manufacturer.

Designer: John Caswell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Looking for manufacturer”

originally from:

This is a very novel idea, really fun and quirky.  I don’t know how this facia would interact with the rest of a home’s decor though.  I can’t see it in every room of the home, but perhaps in a study, design house, or even a childrens bedroom? I see it working well in these environments 🙂