March 5, 2009


Apple’s ‘Think Different campaign’ challenge’s the audience to take a moment and actually contemplate their brand.  Often, you find slogan’s have no prevalence over a brand, and don’t add anything to the established brand image, which they should.  Apple’s slogan is effective, and sits well with it’s established place in the market as a producer of stylish computers for the creative minded.

EA – Games ‘Challenge Everything’

EA’s slogan relates well to it’s brand image – gaming.  It’s a slogan with double meaning.  It relates back to the brand challenging gaming and making new ground in the gaming world, and also points to it’s audience, instructing them to challenge evrything.

Nike – ‘Just do it’

A successful campaign, but not an idea I am very fond of personally.  It’s quite crass in it’s approach.


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