Mr Muscle

March 8, 2009


Nostalgia has just been shattered.  Why re-brand Mr Muscle? True, the advert transcended it’s original purpose and became something of a cult classic, but why replace it with something so poor? The new mr muscle is souless.  The CGI is good don’t get me wrong, but only good as in well produced.  There is no need for a computer generated mr muscle.  The advert is dubbed too, it’s just overall pretty ridiculous.

Is this just a marketing ploy? Remember coco pops, when they re-branded and then staged a vote to bring back the original name? They generated a huge buzz around their brand, and got people involved.  Is this something sc johnson have similar plans to do?

“When the name of the chocolate-smothered rice cereal Coco Pops was changed to Choco Krispies in the UK, there was a national outcry, mainly because the well-loved song “I’d rather have a bowl of Coco Pops” no longer scanned when re-flowed as “I’d rather have a bowl of Choco Krispies”. A national poll was held in which just under one million people voted, with 92% in favour of a return to Coco Pops… and as a result Choco Krispies are no more.

Hundered of thousands of British people voted in the telephone poll, and Coco Pops were quickly reintroduced”.


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