UPDATE: Personalisation within Design

January 24, 2010

In an update to this topic, I want to explore Decoration in design, or Decoration Graphics.  Specifically, design wares made with the designer in mind as a consumer.  Design goods for designers.

Decoration is desribed as adornment and embellishment.  It is the practise of bestowing character to an object or surface.  Decoration is a reflection of the decorators personality and interest.  The above image details wall stickers to develop the notion of scale to children, and as an accompanying aid in storytelling.

This clock is a perfect example of my investigation into the personalisation of design.  Why is it perfect?  Because it is a functional piece of design which has been progressively altered to bestow personality.  Most jobs have an average work day consiting of the hours 9 til 5.  These are the most important times on the clock face, and in this design have been made obvious to transcend this idea that 9.00am and 5.00 pm are the most important in the clock face.


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